Concept Art Essentials by Kemane Ba

Concept Art Essentials

A complete guide to digital painting. From start to finish. 100% real time, no time lapses, no parts skipped.

Learn the core ideas of digital painting!

From Creating your own Custom brushes
all the way to creating a full conceptual artwork.

this class got you covered with a highly intuitive and efficient learning approach from start to finish in 100% Realtime No time-lapses, No Parts Skipped. So if you just fell in love with the world of digital art and want to deepen your knowledge or get out of the beginners stage, this might be the perfect class for you!

learning material is included:
Custom Brushes
Photoshop Files
Support via Discord

What do I need to enroll?

No worries! To enroll in this class you don't have to bring tons of prior experience of digital art, the only thing you really need is: Motivation & Passion!
oh... and of course the tools:

  • Decent workstation or laptop
  • Working version of Photoshop
  • Graphics Tablet & pressure sensitive pen 

What's included?

Video Icon 38 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 5 text files

The Curriculum

Concept Art Essentials Introduction
Class Introduction
2 mins
3 mins
My Learning Approach
2 mins
Hey There,
My First Custom Brush I
Let's Create Custom Brushes!
Tree Texture
6.99 MB
1. Getting Started
2 mins
2. Importing Texture
2 mins
3. Preparing the Texture
3 mins
4. Making a Selection
2 mins
5. Refining the Selection
7 mins
6. Creating the Brush
3 mins
7. Customizing the Brush
8 mins
8. Saving the Brush
3 mins
9. Conclusion
3 mins
My First Custom Brush II
1. Preparing the Sample
5 mins
2. Uderstanding the Sampling Process
4 mins
3. Creating the Brush
2 mins
4. Customizing the Brush
4 mins
5. Custom Brushes II - Advanced Brush Settings.mp4
10 mins
6. Saving the Brush
3 mins
Download Kemane's Photoshop Brush-Set
21.4 MB
My First Speed-Painting I
Debunking Speed-Painting
6 mins
My First Speed-Painting II
1. The Gradient Method
4 mins
2. Locked Layer Method
4 mins
3. Large Brush Method
4 mins
4. Quick Select Method
5 mins
5. Hand Select Method
5 mins
6. Black & White Method
6 mins
2.1 MB
Take Your Time!
There is plenty of it.
My First Speed-Painting III
1. Selecting a Sketch
3 mins
2. Refining the Sketch
18 mins
4.46 MB
My First Speed-Painting IV
1. Coloring the Sketch
6 mins
2. Paint Color Accents
8 mins
3. Composition & Perspective
9 mins
22.1 MB
My First Speed-Painting V
1. Readability
10 mins
2. Foreground
19 mins
3. Foreground Details
17 mins
My First Speed-Painting VI
1. Additional Details I
17 mins
2. Additional Details II
19 mins
3. Mirroring Image & Spotting Flaws
19 mins
My First Speed-Painting VII
Final Details & Perspective Ajustments
10 mins
91.1 MB
My First Speed-Painting VIII
3 mins

Am I ready for this?

Check out this little clip to get an overview on what to bring to your class, and wich one might be the best for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions and try some free classes whether they are to hard or to easy. The worst thing that can happen is that you learn something new!

Empowering Artists

Alongside my career I found a great passion for teaching art, and an even greater passion for un-teaching artistic blockages, removing the internal obstacles and getting the creative forces back on track! The konduktum is a vision to empower and inspire fellow artists and share experiences along the way.

Kemane Ba