Concept Art Essentials I + II Bundle by Kemane Ba

Concept Art Essentials I + II Bundle

The complete guide to create conceptual artworks from scratch

The Full Spectrum Learning Experience

You take practicing your craft seriously? Get the full spectrum learning experience by going through both concept art essentials classes and enjoy an effortless boost of your skill-set as these classes build on one another!

The combined classes got you covered with...

  • +12 Hours of on demand e-learning video content
  • 98 carefully ordered video sections
  • 48 Working Files - As versions and examples of the actual class process!
  • All custom brushes used during the class
  • Active Support via our private class channel

What's included?

Concept Art Essentials

In this class we will dive right in to the techniques wich will give you a great foundation to expand your understanding of digital painting. From creating your own custom brushes all the way to creating a full conceptual artwork!
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Concept Art Essentials II

Learn the ability of incorporating renderings in your workflow and take your creation process to the next level. This 8+ hour class will take you through all the steps from 100% start to finish on how become an efficient artist and create powerful conceptual artworks in no time.
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Empowering Artists

Alongside my career I found a great passion for teaching art, and an even greater passion for un-teaching artistic blockages, removing the internal obstacles and getting the creative forces back on track! The konduktum is a vision to empower and inspire fellow artists and share experiences along the way.

Kemane Ba