Photoshop Beginner Class by Kemane Ba

Photoshop Beginner Class

An absolute beginners guide to get started with Photoshop & digital painting, for first timers and curious grandmas!

I mean... I will!

Painting this random dude might be a fun practice, but will not be the main focus of the class. Whats essential in the beginning is to unterstand why we're applying which technique.
Paint along and you will have a nice little overview of photoshops hidden superpowers and and understanding of how to apply them your self! 

Getting started...

... can be intimidating! In this class we will cover all things you need to know to get right in to digital painting in no time.  While keeping a strong focus on understanding the basics, we're already establishing the use of shortcuts and simple techniques that even experienced artists have in their tool-bag!  You're provided with the following Class materials:

  • Basic Support via Discord 
  • PSD Files

Oh and... no pun intended, I love you grandma!

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 1 file


1 min
1. Creating a Document
2 mins
2. Our First Little Painting
3 mins
3. Colors!
2 mins
4. How The Pros Do It
3 mins
5. Introducing Layers
3 mins
6. How Layers Work
3 mins
7. Apply What You've Learned
2 mins
8. More.Advanced Techniques
4 mins
9. Conclusion and Saving
2 mins
4.4 MB

want more?

If you have the feeling that you're too experienced for this class and want to dig a little bit deeper on an artistic level, or If you feel comfortable at this point you might want to take a look at the Concept Art Essentials class.
Head over here when you're ready!

Concept Art Essentials

Empowering Artists

Alongside my career I found a great passion for teaching art, and an even greater passion for un-teaching artistic blockages, removing the internal obstacles and getting the creative forces back on track! The konduktum is a vision to empower and inspire fellow artists and share experiences along the way.

Kemane Ba